Saturday, 27 August 2011

Mr Liaqat Ali Jatoi meeting with STP Chairman Dr Qadir Magsi

Liaqat Jatoi Offering condolence 
Awami  Itehaad Leader Liaquat Ali Jatoi cam to meet STP Chairman Dr Qadir Magsi at Taraqi Pasand House Hyderabad. During the meeting Mr Liaqat Ali Jatoi offered condolence for Martyred of  13th August Mr Dilshad Abro. After meeting,  

Briefing a press conference Dr Qadir Magsi said that PPP government is totally failed to protect Sindhis in Karachi and National Interests of Sindh as well as to their commitments. 

Sindhis made government  to take back their decision by doing an historical strike on 13th August 2011 but again they imposed the Local bodies system which was introduced by a dictator General Musharaf.He said that the government’s such cruel decisions disclosed that  the PPP is ready for any biggest traitor  which is very dangerous  for Sindh. 
He said that the terrorists only want to spread terrorism  in Karachi by killing innocent people and send  slaughtered dead bodied back to  their homes.
Whole society is afraid of that terrorism and the life become persecution for people. He said that  dharails takes control on villages and Terrorists in Cities so where people should go to live their life peacefully. 

He said that the government’s first priority is to protect life, property, dignity, liberty and second priority is to find employment opportunities for people, but unfortunately the government is totally failed to fulfill these commitments and their future agenda is to only to collect million and trillions rupees  by corruption.
He said that STP is busy in spreading awareness to sindhi people for change , while we have observed a big change in Sindhi people, it would not be wrong to say that no terrorist, agent or mafia can stop it. 

On that occasion Mr Liaqat Ali Jatoi briefed to press conference that our people are human not animals or birds that you hunt them like animals and birds.
He said that terrorist are out of prison, no body is to arrest them, but when we’ll be in government we’ll investigate against them and surely arrest all the terrorists. He said that this government is a group of such people who are killer of innocent people as well as Benazir Bhutto and now they are selling sindh to save their presidency. 



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