Monday, 29 August 2011

Dr Qadir Magsi Press Conferencing about Zulfiqar Mirza's Speech

Sindh Taraqi Pasand Party chairman Dr Qadir Magsi has said that we believe on Holy Quran thats why we have to trust on Mr Mirza, now this is the demand of the time to investigate about all that which is witnessed by Zulfiqar Mirza, If Mirza is wrong then hang him if he is right then hang those about whom he witnessed.
Addressing a press conference at Taraqi Pasand House Hyderabad he said that Mr Mirza did not disclose any new thing, if you consider on our politics, struggles, demands in which been witnessing same things since 20 years, but difference is that we are civilian and Mr Mirza is in Government thats why his voice has value, Well we don't care about what ever person he is, but he spoken truth, So i request to President Zardari, Kiani and Chief Justice of Pakistan to take documents in their custody as well as take action against all those elements whose name are mentioned by Zulfiqar Mirza. Further he said that Mr Kiani, Asif Zardari and yesterday Mr Mirza disclosed that Altaf Hussain is a pay role worker of super powers same time he is working on the agenda of breaking Pakistan on the orders of America, no body is there to say that Altaf Hussain is agent,  no any  Tahafuz Pakistan going to march a rally against such people but when a Sindhi nationalist Dr Qadir Magsi wants reconstitution of Pakistan then every body says that he agent of India and working with Raw to break Pakistan. He said that we are very sorry to say that establishment supports those are criminal, Establishment awarded them with great awards ministries who are terrorists and killers of thousands of people in Karachi. He demanded that PPP should must remove Governor Sindh  and other MQM related ministers. Speaking about election process he said that we want Bio Metric Machines during election process in all over sindh but specially in Karachi which will help sindhi people. when government announce this election process then you see that the MQM will be a party of Lalokhait.





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