Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Central Committee Meeting

Today STP's central committee meeting held at Taraqi Pasand House Hyderabad. In which the STP leadership discussed about current political situation of sindh and decided future planes. Addressing the meeting STP Chairman Dr Qadir Magsi said that we are very sorry about innocent worker Dilshad Abro's death, This time he is not among us but Sindh shall  remember him forever. He said that Government is totally failed to protect people who are affected by rain in Badin, Tando Mahmmad Khan Districts. It was decided that Khidmat-e-Sindh Foundation shall play its role in rain affected areas of Sindh, KSF must launch tents, medical camps, food etc. He said that Sindh provides 75% revenue to Pakistan economy, but unfortunetly sindhi people are still jobless, uneducated not facilities in such terrible situation. 


Aftab Nizamani said...

Dear Dr. Qadir Magsi Sb.

i think PPP has not yet reazlied the "changed midset" of sindhi people towards PPP, may be perhaps still they are living in fools' paradise by saying that some elements are flying kites, refering to nationalists. Apart from the electorate politics, where Waderas, are dominating in PPP - which can influence poor Sindhis to vote for PPP in the coming election, i think People of Sindh with support of nationalists forces start a campaign for their rights including the restoration of Hyderabad and Karachi districts to their previous postions. all Sindhi love parties should strategically plan the campaingn to call the people to one place, such as Bhit Shah as suggested by Ali Qazi.

its right time to hammer; otherwise there is lot we can loose as nation.

Best Regards,

Aftab Nizamani

Desent said...

Dear Aftab Nizamani Thanks for your valuable comments, We are Struggling to unite our sindhi nation on a one plate form, and this is the real power of Sindh, but unfortunetelly there are some forces making trouble in our way, But no problem We'll make Sindhi nation as a great nation and land as it was in past. Hope you'll support will be with Sindh.

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