Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Sindh Taraqqi Pasand Party (STP) chairman Dr Qadir Magsi, has said that people should give up the thinking that the PPP alone can protect Sindh's interests.
He said that nationalist parties of the province are capable of defending their motherland and bringing about a revolution that is long desired to rid the people of the domination of the establishment, a particular province and an 'ethnic party'. He said that struggle for emancipation of people has entered a decisive phase in Sindh.

He was addressing a public gathering held in Sheedi Goth here late Monday evening to mark the 20th anniversary of the founding day of the STP. Sindh Progressive Nationalist Alliance (SPNA) leaders, including Awami Tehreek's Ayaz Latif Palijo, Sindh United Party's Syed Jalal Mehmood Shah and Save Sindh Movement's Shah Mohammad Shah, also spoke on the occasion.

Dr Magsi appealed to proSindh people, regardless of their political affiliations or ideology and including leftists, to join the STP because it would translate their dreams into reality. "Come and join me and gather under STP's tri-colour flag as I will lead you to a revolution to create a new Sindh where no one will remain hungry or cower before an MPA or MNA to get a job," he said amid applauses.

He said that his party doesn't believe in disintegration of the country but it would not accept "slavery in any shape." He said that the structure of the federation should be reconstituted and provinces should be given autonomy in line with Pakistan Resolution of 1940.

"Our struggle has entered decisive phase as year 2012, when election process will get under way, will decide our destiny", Dr Magsi said and added that he wants to rid the people of slavery of the establishment and Mirs, Pirs and feudal lords.

He vowed to send poor educated people into assemblies from the SPNA's platform in the next elections and took a pledge from the participants of the gathering that they would bluntly refuse Waderas when they visit them to get their votes.

He asked the people to support the SPNA in the next elections and said it would lead to emergence of "Sindhi Topi Raj" in the province.

Ayaz Latif Palijo said that the gathering is reflective of a Sindh which is not ready to bow before anyone.
He criticised the PPP for claming that nationalists cannot win even a councillor's seat. "But when it comes to struggle against ChashmaJhelum Link Canal or Kalabagh dam, nationalists remain in the forefront of the agitation," he said.

He said that Sindh produces 73 per cent of the country's gas and 69 per cent of oil and its tax contribution to the federation during the last 10 years has been Rs36 billion compared to Rs28 billion from other three provinces.

But, everything is being bargained for "reconcilia tion," he said and warned that the SPNA would hold these people (PPP leadership) responsible for their misdeeds and usurpation of resources of Sindh.

Jalal Mehmood Shah exhorted people of Sindh to fully participate in house census beginning from April 5 as it is very crucial as far as politics and economic rights of the province are concerned.

Shah Mohammad Shah said that the SPNA would lead a democratic struggle and sought Sindh's support for the alliance.

A cake was cut and a brief play was staged in the ceremony, depicting a tiller who challenges his landlord after having been convinced by the STP's message.

Besides, "motherland awards" were bestowed on people in different fields; including a life time achievement award in the shape of a gold medal for Awami Tehreek leader Rasool Bux Palijo for his services to Sindh. It was received by his son Ayaz Latif Palijo.


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