Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Census 2011

Census 2011: whole Sindh is mobilised to fully participate in the coming house and people count for census 2011. In this regard young Hindu Forum has organised a grand gathering in Hyderabad on 1st April 2011 to sensitize young community leaders to play their national role. Two dynamic and energetic youth Dilip Doultani and jai Kumar Dherani and their team were the initiators of this great moot to get Hindu community mainstreamed in census process. Gathering was addressed by Dr Qader Magsi, Ayaz Latif Palijo, Advocate Jhamat Mal, Wali Ram Walabh, Kishan Chand Parwani, Rubi Dharamdas, Ghulam Nabi Mughal, Amar Sindhu, S Ahuja, Jai Kumar, Dilip, Rubina Junejo, Satram, Zulfiqar Halepoto and others. SDF paper regarding technical and administrative issues related to census was distributed.Dr Qadir Magsi said that we all are son of great Mother Land Sindh since thousand centuries. Hindus must remove word "minority", if you keep thinking that u r in minority then we can not be united and cant represent ourself as a sindhi nation. Nations can not be divided by religion. 1400 years ago our ancestors were hindu. He said that Sindhi are democratic, secular, sofi, our great poet Shah Abdul Latif and rest of great poets, sofis of Sindh never ;criticize the religions, their message was the message love, peace, democracy, humanity. He said that there is a tomb of a great sofi in Udero Lal where Mosque and Mandir are together. So we must unite and forget all differences of Hindu-Muslim to achieve the Goal.

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